Hello you beauty's.


Completing my course in august 2020 I worked in my partners parents spare room with a bed and a set of drawers, when i started i thought my little lash room was so amazing and i was so overwhelmed. I had a 5 week old baby and only worked nights from August to November until lockdown hit.


Fast forward to April 2021 when lockdown lifted i started to rent my sisters room at her salon and worked two days a week with 1/3 clients a week, it was a rollercoaster. Once i started to get a little busier i rented my own room in her salon and my days just got busier as i posted, branded and got friends/family to share my work, i done PLENTY of discounts and  promotions to try and get my name out there.  I actually used easy fans when lashing because fanning was my biggest downfall, i failed so many times at doing hand made fans until one day it just happened. MY LASH GAME CHANGED. my sets changed, my styles changed and my lashes were so much more unique.


Now; i wanted a new goal, build and progress further in the lash industry and what better than having my own brand, building my future in the industry and people using the lashes with my name on. i hope you love my brand s much as me as kill the lash game like i hopefully have.




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